A new experiment

Howdy, y'all!

So not too much has changed since last we posted, except for a housing search... Took my first look around Antelope, haven't found that perfect place yet, but saw some really fun ones... and some not-so-fun ones. Further details as events warrant.

Also: I'm going to Thousand Oaks this weekend! I've pulled some strings and I'm going to make it work. I'll try to swing by the bay area and/or SLO on the way up/down, talk to me and we'll make it work.

But now, the real point of this: with all of my games all packed up, and wanting to be more social anyway, I've decided I want to get into my digital camera more. So give me things to take photos of! I'll take whatever I can photograph of what you tell me to and leave links in the comments. So far everyone's asked for this, though: No dirty photos. Sorry, but my littleBear's a bit too camera shy ;)

Good, interesting photos may be hard to come by right now, as my house is verymuch in transition... but it's still a thing-to-do. Comment! Post! YAY!


P.S. AGAIN, congratulations to darkone238 for the Shaq-Fu... That's right, I played enough Shaq-Fu to get a screenshot. That's what I put myself through for you people. So without further ado, here's the new image! Enjoy!
Genesis, 1994, Kaneko


Rawr... I think I'm getting sick.

It's the only explanation for why I feel so cruddy this weekend...'cuz as of Tuesday, all my dreams are coming true.

To recap, for the unaware: Ben's atrocious mess and our landlords are in something of a war. We got told to clean up a month ago, or face eviction(which in hindsight they have no legal right to do, but I digress). They  came by this weekend(while I was in Disneyland, which was as usual AWESOME), without warning, without knocking, just...wandered in. And started berating Ben. Now I've obviously no love for the guy, but there are rights that tenants have, and they broke several that day. Ben, understandably, got pissed, and we came to a mutual agreement on Tuesday(this is the part where you should pay attention):

We gave our 30 day's notice, and shortened the lease to comply. By March 6, we won't be living in Lincoln(but NOT evicted). I'm moving my stuff up to Auburn, starting today, to live at home with the parents till I find a place.

Which Makes. My. Day.

But since then, I've been feeling worse and worse each day. Part's 'cuz I'm stressing about money(I need $500 by Thursday or I get my first credit card interest), I'm dealing with the logistics of moving all my stuff, and I'm pulling muscles and just...aching. And tired. Blahhhhhhhhhh.

But I have a new friend! tigerkakke, you're awesome! *nuzzles* I'll be seeing you(and anyone else who's in the Bay Area and bored) next weekend, unless I can get my shit together enough to go further south.

I've been saying it, a LOT, but I'm still not done: Thank you, to everyone, for helping me out these days... I've been needier, more emotional, and wayyyy more whiny lately than I've been since I started college... and it's your help that's made that subside, and be manageable. I have a bunch of amazing friends. *group hug*

I'm off to take my first load of stuff to Auburn, and start getting out of this crazy place. Catch you all later!


P.S. Congrats to darkone238 for getting that image! That nice guy is an enemy from Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars, on the Sega Master System. I didn't have room in the image to show it, but he's defecating skulls at you. It's... not quite right. So now I present a new challenge! This one's not the star of the game, per se... but I'll keep putting more characters up till someone gets it. It won't get obvious for 3 entries, so start guessing. =)
Sega, 1988

Well, That Lasted Long.

Remember what I was saying about not being a furry?

Yeah... not sure that's gonna work out. I've been feeling different and happier and generally more open ever since this weekend, and I'm giving it a shot, at least for now. I think I'm a furry ^^

As for what kind, I'm lazy and really can't see beyond my own name, so I'm going with a bear for now, considering a name like "Hyperbear"...I've set up a new AIM Screen-name, AndyTehBear, and that's online most of the time now. My normal one won't be going anywhere, though, I'm contactable there 24/7(as Windows allows).

To my non-fur friends: this shouldn't impact anything between us, unless you want it to, of course. Goodness knows, out of anyone, I know *I* could see myself going in just about any direction, including this one, so I doubt this'll come as too much of a shock.

More details as this story progresses,


P.S. A million happy-smile points to chickensnack for getting the game! I ripped that image from Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy, on the infamous Atari Jaguar... I thought something *that* esoteric would take more than two hours to guess. Here's your new one, hopefully it turns out animated like I ripped it... And I swear it's in a kid's game. Good luck, all!
Atari Jaguar

On Further Confusion(in more ways than one)

So by now, most(if not all) of you reading this know that I was dragged to Further Confusion this weekend.

I've had a day to think it over, and...I'm still figuring it out.

It was one of the best things I've ever done.

I've never been in a place that felt so...welcoming and accepting. I got to tear loose and break out of everything that I consider "normal" for a weekend. And it was so damned fun, as anyone who saw my bass....performance....on the post-tournament Rock Band stage can attest.

I really want to thank [info]deskitty, [info]wolfbrothersong, [info]redstar918, and [info]darkone238 for making me do this... I really, truly appreciate it, more than I normally make known. Thank you all, and I really liked getting to see you in your elements. I'm absolutely coming next year, and for the full long weekend; that's a promise.

As for the question I got, and still get, from everyone there: I'm still not a furry, and I don't think that's going to change. I am, in fact, more sure now than I was before the con. I went to wikifur and took a really long look at the "what is a furry" page, and I find that I don't feel a particular connection with any specific animal, I've blazed my own path regarding spirituality, you KNOW I don't care about sex/intimacy, and the art's awesome, but doesn't pull me in in any way.

I do, however, feel a different kind of connection to furries, mostly regarding attitudes... You all know how to have FUN. And in no small way. I got to let my wild and crazy side out, the one they tried to kill off with Ritalin so many years ago, and I was all the more accepted for it. So for that, I thank ALL of you at FC '08, and look forward to seeing you next year!

Congrats to Dark for getting Psycho Fox, I admit that one was too easy...So we'll try something harder this time. But still furry, 'cause I've kinda got a theme going tonight. In fact, I had to get a new emulator to make this one work. Good luck!


P.S. If you're reading this and you remember me from FC(Eye of Argon, I did a girly-voice when possible... Rock Band, being a bassist of DOOOOM.... or DDRing doubles in the game room!), don't hesitate to IM me! I'm always on the prowl for friends!

P.P.S. In trying to analyze the furry fandom from the outside, I just want to make sure that I'm not offending and/or demeaning it in any way...if I've written something to that effect, let me know and I'll change it. You guys rock too much for that ^^

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My Apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan



I am the very model of a pissed-off individual
My housemate is not human so much as he is a vegetable
He just plays warcraft every night and has addictions chemical
And as I sit and write this song I find my stress cup is quite full
(he finds that his large stress cup is beginning to look very full)
(he finds that his large stress cup is beginning to look very full)
(he finds that his large stress cup is beginning to look very very full)

Most people don't believe me when I say he is a worthless ass
Believe me when I say that he does not contain an ounce of class
The only things that he does well are playing games and having mass
And this means that his gaming room is filled with quite a noxious gas

The disrespect he shows me is a testament to what I mean
The way he treats my items hinges on the border of obscene
All I ask of him is that he keeps my borrowed movies clean
He uses them as coasters as he stares at his computer screen

Another thing he does not have is a fair shake at privacy
I wouldn't be surprised if he came in and stood to watch me pee
He comes into my room at night while I attempt to catch a Z
Because he wants my game boy without getting an okay from me

So these are just a few of the crimes that he perpetrates each day
I'm sick of it and in this house it's getting hard for me to stay
I thank you all for reading this because it's something that I had to say
And Ben if you are reading this then GET A CLUE AND GO AWAY.

Most of you have been here, you've met him... if you think this is offensive, you probably haven't.

Also: Props to dragonattack on Clash At Demon Head. Here's the new one!

Vic Tokai, NES


What the fuck did I just do...

We went to Denio's this morning, and I managed to spend a fuckton of money. On some AMAZING things, though!

Lookie Lookie

Some highlights:

Atari 2600 with 13 games, controllers: $18
Genesis+Sonic2+Controller: $3
32X+Power: $20

Not bad for a morning ^^

And since nobody's figured out the game yet, it stays up. Hint: NES, Vic Tokai, 1990. Good luck!


Vic Tokai, NES

Completions, Compadres, Computers and Compulsions

So a lot has happened this month so far, even since the last entry. Broken down by segment for your viewing pleasure:

On Completions: Almost everything from my original blogpost is done now. Finished Lost Vikings 2 several weeks ago(Final boss is a pain, but a fairly manageable game), beat Kingdom Hearts last night(I do believe that's the biggest game I've ever finished... what's yours?), Lap 3 around New Super Mario Bros. was uneventful, and I finally completed my latest run-through of The West Wing(I swear I'm not addicted, I just want Aaron Sorkin's hand in blissful eternal marriage). Oyah, and just for funsies I beat Mega Man 4(first time) and 6(P-Buster ONLY, bitches!) this week. I'm suddenly left with a lot of holes in my daily routine... and the winning game is Twilight Princess! Time to put the Wii through its paces =)

On Compadres: Flew down to Disneyland, caught a ride with darkone238 from the airport, where we surprised the living tigershit out of redstar918. Luv ya Joe! And hooge thankyous to wolfbrothersong for your part in the evil plan, too. I'm surrounded by crafty lupines, it seems... ANYWAY! Did the on-site Disney hotels for once, which was fun...but not cheap. Gonna stick to the Hôtel Fürrìe or the motel strip from now on. Never done Thunder Mountain facing backwards before, that was a kick in the pants... and the ESPNZone is fun for arcading, but kinda 'spensive on the food side of things. Good though! And one more time, happy birthday to nearly everyone on the trip: dragonattack, darkone238, and redstar918!

On Computers: Not everything of late has been peaches and cream... although it certainly came close. On Monday, I sent my work laptop to an early grave via a poorly-placed and later poorly-oriented cup of water... Not even a sizzle though! Disappointing. The upside to this situation is that as a result of being one system down, I was forced to get to know and love my Linuxbox. I've gained a new appreciation for this strange penguinous Operating System my power-nerd friends know all too well... perhaps the day will come soon when I test it out as a home system...

And finally, On Compulsions: Just a little something I wanted to share, who here still actually enjoys driving? I know it's expensive, but I've been finding myself enjoying life just a little bit more when I get behind the wheel. I've been finding myself most at ease when I'm driving home from work, some soft-rock ballad blaring at max volume, windows down, singing along at the top of my lungs. If you've never tried it, you really, really should. It's fun =)

Oh, and Kudos to redstar918 for grabbing Adventures in the Magic Kingdom so fast! I'll try to make them harder now... Good luck!

Keep on smiling, laughing, and making the world a better place, everyone!

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On Disneyland and Friends

Hooray chickensnack! Yo! Noid is right! =) And so here's the new one.

I just finished the 12-hour return drive from Disneyland. What a weekend! Never less than half a dozen great people around, lots of theme parking and fun! We got to go to the Joepartment, too... I miss you already, Joe =)

Things I'd never done before at Disneyland this trip:
  • Princess Fantasy Faire. Thank you vlyandra for giving me an excuse to go without looking like too much of a pedophile!
  • Ride in the rear cab of the Monorail. Looking at the track go backwards was really neat! So glad we got to try that.
  • Matterhorn in the middle of fireworks. If ever I needed to explain to someone what the "magic" is at Disneyland, this is the sort of thing I would tell them about. Watching the track in front of you suddenly flash a totally different color, then racing around a corner to see a waterfall of gold in the sky... simply magical.
Which brings me to my other point. As I was finishing my drive home, I was hit, suddenly and hard, with a sort of realization. I was driving down one of the backroads towards Lincoln and I came to a point where I could see the night sky of Auburn in one direction, Sacramento and Roseville in another, and Lincoln in a third. My old home, my new home, and my workplace in totally different places, and all I want to do is go back down south with my friends some more. It may sound trite and silly, but I want to thank everyone for keeping life fun, with a special thanks to those of you who were in Anaheim this week. I had an incredibly good time, and I have all of you to thank.

Peace be with you all!
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Nintendo, 1990

(no subject)

First off, [info]vlyandra gets credit for the last image. Although I stole him from Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, where he's known as Has Bean, his identical twin prowls the mean streets of almost every incarnation of Puyo Puyo under the clearly superhero name of Carbuncle(Englishized version). Okay, now get this one, Vly =)

In other news, visited Six Flags Discovery Kingdom today... bears a striking resemblance to Six Flags Marine World, but cleaner and generally...nicer. For $15 parking, it damn well better be, but they're earning their new rep. Only there for a little while, but got a lot done... Medusa front and back, Roar once, V2 once. NO LINES ANYWHERE. This week's only going to get better... we now have Magic Mountain in the itinerary. As of now, the trip's looking like:
Wed: drive to SLO after work
Thu: drive to Magic Mountain, chill with Joe afterwards
Fri: Disney? DCA?
Sat: Whatever we didn't do Friday, but with more people(sayahpiper, I'm looking your way...)
Sun: drive allll the way home
It's going to kick some serious ass. I'm excited! Lots of DCA virgins... Heimlich awaits you ALL! *evil laugh*

In local news, Nick and Aurora, with maybe an inch of hair between them, are now living in my house till they find employment and residences. It's gonna be fun! Now I have two more allies in the fight against laziness, and they come with board games, too! I welcome one and all to come over, we'll Throw Down in some awesome BomberMatches =)

Finally, I need some advice. I'm rapidly approaching the end of Kingdom Hearts, and I need to decide what "Story Game" to play next. I've got a backlog of about 30 games of this flavor waiting, so what should I play? Current top choices are Psychonauts(XBox), Kingdom Hearts 2, and Zelda:Twilight Princess. Most of you know my game library well enough, what should I play next?

Keep on dreaming, keep on smilin',

Andy =)
1993, LucasArts

Hi everybody!

So I'm back to blogging again...hopefully this lasts longer than the last three. Hi everyone!

So what's to say... present status is "working stiff". I go to HP Roseville 5 days a week, and get my paychecks. The future holds a house and housemates, message me if you'd like a shot at a rent-slot next June =)

So I'm not very good at this anymore. Let me know what you all want to hear about! You want nightly stories about the vegetable that is my housemate? Let me know! You want deep, personal stories? We'll see! You want rants/raves about my cube-farm? Sure thing! For all the stories and jokes I tell, I'm not that good at this non-spontaneity stuff... I need your help to make my blog the best it can be. Thanks!

Status report:
TV Show: West Wing(Season 6)
Games: Lost Vikings 2(75%)
                Kingdom Hearts(90%)
                Megaman: Maverick Hunter X(70%)
                New Super Mario Bros.(50%)
Nightly pushups/situps: 50/100
Next Disneyland Trip: Sep 5-9

See you soon!


SEMI-IMMEDIATE EDIT: New game! Name the character and the video game he came from!
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