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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

It's 10:50 at night. A little too late to go start gaming, a little too early to go to bed. Sounds like as good a time as any to revive the long-lost art of blogging...

As I sit here, blissfully nomming away on the only true form of M&M(hint: the RED packaged one), I realize that a lot has gone on since my epic battle with Devakumar and his wily attempts at "Customer Service". If nothing else, the struggle bore fruit! Just last month, I recieved my new 4GB memory stick pro duo, only 120 days after my initial problem! And lo and behold, that pesky data that I'd asked to be transferred wasn't there! Lexar, you've made my day yet again. *repeat outsourcing rant here*

In other gaming news, the one constant game I've been playing since... well, around the time of that post, has been Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts on the 360. I've racked up about 30 hours on it now, and will probably finish it this month(I game slow. Too much else to do!). If you've got any interest in "stupid simple" racing games(Trackmania and Micro Machines come to mind) then you owe it to yourself to at least check it out. I've had a shit-ton of fun designing some truly bass-ackwards vehicles that should earn me a one-way ticket to hell instead of the "Achievement Unlocked" messages the XBox likes to send. Honestly, who the hell rewards a player for chucking cows in lava?
Aside from this, my Disney fanaticism has reached newer, stranger, and yes, slightly gayer heights. Saw "Bolt." Enjoyed "Bolt." Then, saw it two more times in the theaters. Then got the REALLY FRIGGING BIG plush, which has basically taken over my bed(and I'm fine with this). Then got the soundtrack and the Blu-Ray and the bobblehead and the video game... yeah, I think I'm addicted. Oopsie. If they didn't want this to happen, they shouldn't have cranked his cuteness up to well beyond PA 150. That's the Pazo's Ass cuteness rating scale, which I'll only describe under extreme duress(or if you ask me).

Speaking of concentrated cuteness... and gay things... I've also gotten myself addicted to the High School Musical movies. Like, dangerously addicted. Like, playing the soundtrack to the second movie six times in a row...for five DAYS in a row. I can sing most of the songs now, though! Who wants to be Troy to my Gabriella? You KNOW you want to... ^_^

Finally, and most importantly, the world MUST be coming to an end, as... I have a girlfriend now. I've been going out with someone I met last year named Robin(whom most of you already know) since the day before Christmas. I seriously still can't believe it myself. I won't talk too much about it here, as... I'm still not sure what to make of it. It's very much a long-distance sort of thing, which keeps my life interesting, but we're having a good time =)

And just like that, I'm out of relevant things to say. It's my plan to start updating more often again, my creative spark feels rejuvenated of late, which I blame on a mini-web-sensation called Club Trillion. It's a basketball-based blog, but the guy knows funny. If I could write like him, I'd be happy. But apparently, that requires basketball skills, and possibly a towel. At present, I have neither. Until I find them, or at least find something else to write about... I bid you adieu!


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