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Oh, what a difference a couple of months makes...

Well hi again! Seems that I fell off out of the blogosphere for a while there. I have a crappy excuse, which I'll detail soon. But it should suffice to say, I've got a few things to talk about! So let's get started...

First and foremost, since last I blogged, I've changed living situations yet again. Last time, I'd just moved back into my old bedroom in my parents' place in Auburn. From there, I needed something new, so I started looking, made a bid in early April, and as of last week, I'm the proud owner of an 1830-square-foot, 4 year old house in the city of Antelope. That's right, bear bought a house ^_^

It's a four-bedroom place, with 3 bedrooms filled. Thank you Mike and darkone238 for being my renter guinea pigs! Last room's open, if anyone wants to afford $400 a month... =)

Oh, and for the curious(and the permalink): Here's the place before we moved in. If you'd like to see it now, IM me! Just make sure you can take webcam, we'll gladly give tours!

So, for every pro, you gotta have a con... unfortunately, three family members have passed on in these last two months. In increasing order of importance:

My computer, Beast, finally gave up the ghost a bit over a month ago. The CPU cooked itself through after trucking solid for 5 years. The hard drives are intact, though, so I'm getting a new old motherboard soon to get my data back. In the meantime... Son Of Beast has been born. No loops here(*wink* tigerkakke), but 1.5TB of RAID-1 storage, a dual-core 3.0GHz CPU, 4GB RAM, and a 512MB gfx card *manly grunting*. It'll have a 22"+ LCD monitor just as soon as I can afford it ;)

My brother's pet bearded dragon, Iggio, passed on a month ago now. He lived 8 years, which is impressive for a dragon like him. He had a good life, though, so we have no regrets.

Unfortunately, two weeks after that(two weeks ago, now), I lost my first, immediate, family member. Most of you have already heard this, but my grandfather on my mother's side passed on at approximately noon on May 2. His name was Robert Bukove, and we all miss him very much. Love you grampa ;)

Speaking of love... but that's another entry, for now. I leave you with a fresh new LJ icon... good luck!

P.S. If nobody objects, I intend to write the next series of entries on the entire house-buying process. There's a lot of interesting stuff in there, and it took... most of those two months, so I figure it could be fun, unless I get a lot of "that sounds silly and boring". Catch you later!

P.P.S. This entry was written from my back patio during an incredibly peaceful evening with Dark and our friend Silver ^_^

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