inbredmonkey (inbredmonkey) wrote,


Brain completed power-on self test. Body now booting from operating system.


It's been a while, it would seem, since I blogged... and much has happened. I'm in my old room in Auburn now, at my parents' place, looking desperately for my own house to buy. My place in Lincoln is cleaned out, kaput, and not on my radar anymore. Which is good...and bad. Living in a me-controlled situation is always preferable, even with a WoW-addicted lazykin in the back room... I'm kinda a long-term guest here, which is tough to deal with. Oh well, must press on!

The last night in the house, we held Bob's party. Much Band was Rocked, as well as many other silly things. Sometime, photos and maybe videos will appear here detailing such events, but not tonight... I'm too blah =)

The future is looking bright... just gotta get there. *nods*

I'll write more when I'm more...conducive to such things. Enjoy the evening, blog-land! ENJOY LIFE!


P.S. Congratulations to chickensnack for getting Mike Jones from StarTropics in such a record time! I thought I was making better ones, but apparently not. This one should be instantly familiar to at least one of you. Good luck!

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