August 15th, 2008


On the Subject of Being Awesome

Dateline: Friday, 5:20 PM.

I just arrive home from work, tired and ready to sit on my ass for a 3 glorious days and 2 thrilling nights.

darkone238 enters the room, we're shooting the shit as we are wont to do.

Through the window and over the roar of iTunes("Gonna paint our wagon! Gonna paint it good! We ain't braggin', we're gonna coat that wood!"), we hear the faint but glorious sound.

The sweetest sound one can hear in the sweltering, 108-degree Sacramento summer heat.

The sound of an ice cream truck driving by.

All talking stopped as we looked at one another.

"Wanna go for it?"


And that's why our neighbors saw two twentysomething morons, one in socks, one in bare feet, sprinting two blocks in the Antelope suburbs after a decrepit brown van with two middle easterners in it playing "The Entertainer" at 5MPH.

*licks his hard-won sno-cone* Life is good.

P.S. Who on this planet gives a freaking TWO DOLLAR BILL as change? Thank you ice cream lady!
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