February 17th, 2008

1993, LucasArts

On Euphoria

And we close with yet another amazing day...wow. I'm just blown away, all the time, these days.

Drove down to Thousand Oaks last night to see darkone238... took a smidge over SEVEN bloody hours. But it was fun, and absolutely worth it! I'm around people again for a weekend...something I don't get(or give) nearly often enough these days.

Went out today to do two things. Normally I get to blow over one and talk about how awesome the other was, but both parts end up being pretty monumentous, at least in my world.

In the morning, Dark and I went to southern California's answer to my used-game stores, a little place called Gamedude. AMAZINGLY COOL. Classic games up the yin-yang(a cabinet devoted to the 3DO and TurboGrafx? *SQUEEEEE*), and at the kinds of prices I can both respect and utilize. Bought a handful of rare-ass stuff I wanted... including the game that quite possibly got me hooked on game collecting: EARTHBOUND. My favorite-RPG collection is now complete... and that alone would make the day good.

But then the afternoon hit. Dark and I met up with mooglepower at gamedude, and went to a fur-meet with him... where I met SEVERAL new awesome people, some of whom will hopefully see this and comment ^_^ We hung out at the mall, ate some food, and then went bowling. Well, *most* of us went bowling. Those of us who are simply too Hard Kore to bowl found the cute little local DDR Extreme machine, and blew much tokens and energy(and in my case kneecaps) to feed the dancing demon within. Then we went back to Spectre's place and played more Rock Band.

Oh, I didn't mention that part: I bought Rock Band today. And Guitar Hero 3. For the XBox 360 I don't even own yet. ^_^

I, apparently, make a great Timmy, borrowing Bucker as my Lords of the Underworld. That was SO MUCH FUN, I can't even begin to describe it.

And it's only going to get better, I'm sure. I love you all, I love where my life is going, I love EVERYTHING THAT'S HAPPENING AROUND ME... and I really don't have an end in sight yet. *HUGS EVERYONE*

But now, I must go to bed... for tomorrow is another day, and I can't wait to see what it will bring. Goodnight, blogosphere!


P.S. Thank you redstar918 for beating Dark to the punch, for once! That game is Kuru Kuru Kururin for the Game Boy Advance, and if you like maddeningly addictive and/or addictively maddening little oddball video games, I'd say give it a whirl... all you've got to lose is your sanity. In the meantime, I offer up a new pic, and I'm not going to say anything more about it. Anyone know what game that is? Good luck!