Happy Cinco de Mayo!

It's 10:50 at night. A little too late to go start gaming, a little too early to go to bed. Sounds like as good a time as any to revive the long-lost art of blogging...

As I sit here, blissfully nomming away on the only true form of M&M(hint: the RED packaged one), I realize that a lot has gone on since my epic battle with Devakumar and his wily attempts at "Customer Service". If nothing else, the struggle bore fruit! Just last month, I recieved my new 4GB memory stick pro duo, only 120 days after my initial problem! And lo and behold, that pesky data that I'd asked to be transferred wasn't there! Lexar, you've made my day yet again. *repeat outsourcing rant here*

In other gaming news, the one constant game I've been playing since... well, around the time of that post, has been Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts on the 360. I've racked up about 30 hours on it now, and will probably finish it this month(I game slow. Too much else to do!). If you've got any interest in "stupid simple" racing games(Trackmania and Micro Machines come to mind) then you owe it to yourself to at least check it out. I've had a shit-ton of fun designing some truly bass-ackwards vehicles that should earn me a one-way ticket to hell instead of the "Achievement Unlocked" messages the XBox likes to send. Honestly, who the hell rewards a player for chucking cows in lava?
Aside from this, my Disney fanaticism has reached newer, stranger, and yes, slightly gayer heights. Saw "Bolt." Enjoyed "Bolt." Then, saw it two more times in the theaters. Then got the REALLY FRIGGING BIG plush, which has basically taken over my bed(and I'm fine with this). Then got the soundtrack and the Blu-Ray and the bobblehead and the video game... yeah, I think I'm addicted. Oopsie. If they didn't want this to happen, they shouldn't have cranked his cuteness up to well beyond PA 150. That's the Pazo's Ass cuteness rating scale, which I'll only describe under extreme duress(or if you ask me).

Speaking of concentrated cuteness... and gay things... I've also gotten myself addicted to the High School Musical movies. Like, dangerously addicted. Like, playing the soundtrack to the second movie six times in a row...for five DAYS in a row. I can sing most of the songs now, though! Who wants to be Troy to my Gabriella? You KNOW you want to... ^_^

Finally, and most importantly, the world MUST be coming to an end, as... I have a girlfriend now. I've been going out with someone I met last year named Robin(whom most of you already know) since the day before Christmas. I seriously still can't believe it myself. I won't talk too much about it here, as... I'm still not sure what to make of it. It's very much a long-distance sort of thing, which keeps my life interesting, but we're having a good time =)

And just like that, I'm out of relevant things to say. It's my plan to start updating more often again, my creative spark feels rejuvenated of late, which I blame on a mini-web-sensation called Club Trillion. It's a basketball-based blog, but the guy knows funny. If I could write like him, I'd be happy. But apparently, that requires basketball skills, and possibly a towel. At present, I have neither. Until I find them, or at least find something else to write about... I bid you adieu!

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Outsourcing: A Battle Against The Far East

Friends, Romans, Denizens of this fine establishment we call "The Internets",

I come to you with a tale of heroism, danger, and adventure. An epic battle of brains versus brawn, of right versus right, of the working-class man versus today's most feared and reviled enemy: Outsourcing. I will not lie to you, dear readers... the story I have for you today is long, and neither for the faint of heart nor those appreciative of the nuances of English. However, a grand triumph is contained within.
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This conversation took me 45 minutes. At no point was my memory card able to be read. This is, part and parcel, why I hate outsourcing, even that within my own company(which to this day probably wants me to buy a damn laptop). I don't mind tech companies using cheaper labor for most things, but not customer-interactive positions. Gimme a break.

Thank you, that is all!


On the Subject of Being Awesome

Dateline: Friday, 5:20 PM.

I just arrive home from work, tired and ready to sit on my ass for a 3 glorious days and 2 thrilling nights.

darkone238 enters the room, we're shooting the shit as we are wont to do.

Through the window and over the roar of iTunes("Gonna paint our wagon! Gonna paint it good! We ain't braggin', we're gonna coat that wood!"), we hear the faint but glorious sound.

The sweetest sound one can hear in the sweltering, 108-degree Sacramento summer heat.

The sound of an ice cream truck driving by.

All talking stopped as we looked at one another.

"Wanna go for it?"


And that's why our neighbors saw two twentysomething morons, one in socks, one in bare feet, sprinting two blocks in the Antelope suburbs after a decrepit brown van with two middle easterners in it playing "The Entertainer" at 5MPH.

*licks his hard-won sno-cone* Life is good.

P.S. Who on this planet gives a freaking TWO DOLLAR BILL as change? Thank you ice cream lady!
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Furry Power!

Hello all,

It has been another month of fun and changes! Let's recap, shall we?

  • Worked at HP for a year now, and it's really starting to set in... I'm going to be working in the same 8'x8' cubicle for quite a while. At least I have my stuffed Stitch and Disney maps to keep me company...
  • The house is... almost clean. We had a GREAT housewarming party, got a lot of fun people to show up. Much goofing off was done. If y'all want to have another, don't hesitate to ask... we'll make it happen ^_^
  • ...Except for our back lawn, which is now our back swamp. We have dragonflies and moss! WOOHOO! Oh wait, that's a bad thing...
  • I haven't been to Disneyland since June 1st. *twitch twitch*
  • I just got me a 24" LCD screen, my first ever! It's big and pretty and holds a lot on it at once *claps happily*
  • ...such as my newly-oversized music collection, thank you mom. Current iTunes stats, and these are slightly low:
    • 30712 songs
    • 93.5 days
    • 155.87 GB
  • Saw a movie in theaters, Wall-E, on my own... and was wholeheartedly amazed. I cried three times, although I'm a sap. I can't recommend it highly enough. In fact, I'm seeing it again this weekend...
  • ...with the local SacFurs, whom I've started hanging out with a little bit more. Y'all are lots of fun! I can't wait to see what else happens there!
That's all I can come up with for now. So I leave you with a brand new image to try and name(go ahead, [info]chickensnack, beat 'em all to the punch again...). Peace out, everyone!

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Ruminations, Relations, and a Request

Hey all... how's it been going? I don't blog much, I know... but I'm done apologizing for that. I promise nothing.

I had some free time, so I made a new image(Good Luck, chickensnack ) and figured I'd say something.

Life's been... busy. First-time homeowners, beware... it's kinda tricky to maintain a life, a 40-hour job, -and- a new home at once. It's taken(taking) a lot out of me, but it's getting done without my losing too much sleep. And hey, soon my housemates will have fans in their rooms for the hot Sacramento summer we're about to hit.(sorry it's taken so long, guys!)

Beyond the house, I'm finally beginning to tackle that other thing.
Gawd... I didn't realize how hard it would be to get back into this game. I'm still trying to find out what I want in a mate... I don't know what exactly it is yet, but whatever it is, there are days now(such as today) where I want it pretty bad.

I think it's beginning to take its toll on me. I'm finding myself hitting emotions I hadn't hit in a long time(some forever)... like Jealousy.  THAT was fun. I'm still trying to find my place in the world of intimacy, too... I'm not sure where I fit, and how to read the signs... I wonder a lot about how I'm being seen by my old friends, and I really don't think I'm "getting it right" yet. =\

To everyone who's had to put up with my rants lately: I'm working on it. It's getting better. I'm only staying down for maybe two days at a time now... I want to be my old happy self again as much as you want me to, and then some. Thanks for bearing with me(take the pun if you want it).

I may sound serious right now(and I am), but don't worry... I'm actually feelin' pretty good. There's a lot of this stuff floating in my head and it's gonna have to come out sometime, so why not a night when I actually have time to blog?

Thanks for reading this! Until next time... cheers! ^_^

P.S. I'm looking for things to do at work when I'm bored... and I'm re-discovering my creative side. Give me either a topic for a poem(tigerkakke got a good Yoshi one ^^) and/or a song to parody for it! If I can, I'll take a swing at it... thanks!
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Oh, what a difference a couple of months makes...

Well hi again! Seems that I fell off out of the blogosphere for a while there. I have a crappy excuse, which I'll detail soon. But it should suffice to say, I've got a few things to talk about! So let's get started...

First and foremost, since last I blogged, I've changed living situations yet again. Last time, I'd just moved back into my old bedroom in my parents' place in Auburn. From there, I needed something new, so I started looking, made a bid in early April, and as of last week, I'm the proud owner of an 1830-square-foot, 4 year old house in the city of Antelope. That's right, bear bought a house ^_^

It's a four-bedroom place, with 3 bedrooms filled. Thank you Mike and darkone238 for being my renter guinea pigs! Last room's open, if anyone wants to afford $400 a month... =)

Oh, and for the curious(and the permalink): Here's the place before we moved in. If you'd like to see it now, IM me! Just make sure you can take webcam, we'll gladly give tours!

So, for every pro, you gotta have a con... unfortunately, three family members have passed on in these last two months. In increasing order of importance:

My computer, Beast, finally gave up the ghost a bit over a month ago. The CPU cooked itself through after trucking solid for 5 years. The hard drives are intact, though, so I'm getting a new old motherboard soon to get my data back. In the meantime... Son Of Beast has been born. No loops here(*wink* tigerkakke), but 1.5TB of RAID-1 storage, a dual-core 3.0GHz CPU, 4GB RAM, and a 512MB gfx card *manly grunting*. It'll have a 22"+ LCD monitor just as soon as I can afford it ;)

My brother's pet bearded dragon, Iggio, passed on a month ago now. He lived 8 years, which is impressive for a dragon like him. He had a good life, though, so we have no regrets.

Unfortunately, two weeks after that(two weeks ago, now), I lost my first, immediate, family member. Most of you have already heard this, but my grandfather on my mother's side passed on at approximately noon on May 2. His name was Robert Bukove, and we all miss him very much. Love you grampa ;)

Speaking of love... but that's another entry, for now. I leave you with a fresh new LJ icon... good luck!

P.S. If nobody objects, I intend to write the next series of entries on the entire house-buying process. There's a lot of interesting stuff in there, and it took... most of those two months, so I figure it could be fun, unless I get a lot of "that sounds silly and boring". Catch you later!

P.P.S. This entry was written from my back patio during an incredibly peaceful evening with Dark and our friend Silver ^_^
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Brain completed power-on self test. Body now booting from operating system.


It's been a while, it would seem, since I blogged... and much has happened. I'm in my old room in Auburn now, at my parents' place, looking desperately for my own house to buy. My place in Lincoln is cleaned out, kaput, and not on my radar anymore. Which is good...and bad. Living in a me-controlled situation is always preferable, even with a WoW-addicted lazykin in the back room... I'm kinda a long-term guest here, which is tough to deal with. Oh well, must press on!

The last night in the house, we held Bob's party. Much Band was Rocked, as well as many other silly things. Sometime, photos and maybe videos will appear here detailing such events, but not tonight... I'm too blah =)

The future is looking bright... just gotta get there. *nods*

I'll write more when I'm more...conducive to such things. Enjoy the evening, blog-land! ENJOY LIFE!


P.S. Congratulations to chickensnack for getting Mike Jones from StarTropics in such a record time! I thought I was making better ones, but apparently not. This one should be instantly familiar to at least one of you. Good luck!
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Well, I'm finally a full-fledged furry... first emo LJ post! YAY!

After three and a half weeks of nonstop ecstasy, euphoria, and general happiness, I'm finally experiencing the post-FurCon crash.

Dunno why, exactly... I'm just feeling overwhelmed and confused. And that's coming out as depression.

A lot of it revolves around sexuality... I went from the safe non-sexual entity I was into an open mode, kissed a guy, wandered into "Experimentation" mode, tried to force myself on another guy, and in the process kissed two more. In the last 3 weeks. I don't know right now if I'm gay, straight, bi, or whatthefuck. I *DO* know that it's starting to feel painful, and worrisome regarding those involved. And I don't like that at all. Having talked this over to some of my confidants and longest-term friends, I think I'm going to defer these choices for a while and restore the asexual wall for a bit. I'm just...scared. And sorry....but not nearly as sorry as I know I'd be if I let a lot of things continue. I'll be back when I'm ready.

Some revolves around life in general...I'm sick of being busy. Every weekend I have between now and April is booked with housing hunts(except for a Disney weekend, which is my own fault), and the rest of that time is moving my shit to Auburn. I miss having a lazy day, where I could stay in bed till 9AM and relax...but life's little responsibilities are ganging up on me right now, and I have to man up to them. Let this be a warning to any future homeowners out there: it will consume your life, and your time. Be forewarned.

I'm just tired and confused and worried and just a tiny bit scared about it all...

At least there's a light, somewhere down this tunnel.
I will figure myself out.
I will buy a house.
I will get my sanity, time, and money back.
I will, and that's a promise.

And when I get there, it'll be on the shoulders of all of you... thank you for helping, for coaching, for doing everything you do for me. Especially you, darkone238, redstar918, vlyandra, tigerkakke and all the rest of you for your help, your understanding, and your patience. You four in particular are taking a lot of this stuff and helping me figure it out, and I'll be grateful to you for longer than I can even know.

Thanks to everyone for helping this confused bear find his way in this crazy new world he's found himself in. Peace be with you all.


P.S. Congratulations to chickensnack for getting Pocky and Rocky so fast! I'd never heard of that game when I made the screenshot, so who knew it would be so easy... well, tonight's is probably even easier. Good luck, and happy hunting!
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On Euphoria

And we close with yet another amazing day...wow. I'm just blown away, all the time, these days.

Drove down to Thousand Oaks last night to see darkone238... took a smidge over SEVEN bloody hours. But it was fun, and absolutely worth it! I'm around people again for a weekend...something I don't get(or give) nearly often enough these days.

Went out today to do two things. Normally I get to blow over one and talk about how awesome the other was, but both parts end up being pretty monumentous, at least in my world.

In the morning, Dark and I went to southern California's answer to my used-game stores, a little place called Gamedude. AMAZINGLY COOL. Classic games up the yin-yang(a cabinet devoted to the 3DO and TurboGrafx? *SQUEEEEE*), and at the kinds of prices I can both respect and utilize. Bought a handful of rare-ass stuff I wanted... including the game that quite possibly got me hooked on game collecting: EARTHBOUND. My favorite-RPG collection is now complete... and that alone would make the day good.

But then the afternoon hit. Dark and I met up with mooglepower at gamedude, and went to a fur-meet with him... where I met SEVERAL new awesome people, some of whom will hopefully see this and comment ^_^ We hung out at the mall, ate some food, and then went bowling. Well, *most* of us went bowling. Those of us who are simply too Hard Kore to bowl found the cute little local DDR Extreme machine, and blew much tokens and energy(and in my case kneecaps) to feed the dancing demon within. Then we went back to Spectre's place and played more Rock Band.

Oh, I didn't mention that part: I bought Rock Band today. And Guitar Hero 3. For the XBox 360 I don't even own yet. ^_^

I, apparently, make a great Timmy, borrowing Bucker as my Lords of the Underworld. That was SO MUCH FUN, I can't even begin to describe it.

And it's only going to get better, I'm sure. I love you all, I love where my life is going, I love EVERYTHING THAT'S HAPPENING AROUND ME... and I really don't have an end in sight yet. *HUGS EVERYONE*

But now, I must go to bed... for tomorrow is another day, and I can't wait to see what it will bring. Goodnight, blogosphere!


P.S. Thank you redstar918 for beating Dark to the punch, for once! That game is Kuru Kuru Kururin for the Game Boy Advance, and if you like maddeningly addictive and/or addictively maddening little oddball video games, I'd say give it a whirl... all you've got to lose is your sanity. In the meantime, I offer up a new pic, and I'm not going to say anything more about it. Anyone know what game that is? Good luck!
2001, Game Boy Advance

Meme(or more accurately, MeMeMeMeMeMeMe)

Hey, memes! I haven't been involved in these for years. Thanks, amranx, for getting me back into one!
The Rules:

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag 'whoever wants to do it'.

Some will be from earlier blog-posts, but...I'm trying to get the ones I find most interesting.

1) Despite how I am now, I was *deathly* afraid of thrill rides and roller coasters until I was 12. I bit my mom's arm on Thunder Mountain when I was 6 or so, and Rex the Star Tours pilot scared the shit out of me. But, of course, Space Mountain was the worst... simply terrifying.

2) Speaking of biting, I was kicked out of the first preschool I attended for biting. I don't remember this myself, but parents and longtime friends can confirm.

3) You already know this if you read this or talk to me a lot, but there are few things in this world that I enjoy more than driving down the highway, windows rolled down, screaming sad/bittersweet or fast/happy songs at the top of my lungs. There're very few, if any, forms of release I find more satisfying.

4) I have streaked...once. Around midnight, at a LAN party... on an Air Force Base. If you're going to do it, might as well make it good.

5) I've very recently been informed that due to genetics, I will experience baldness at a relatively young age. Serves me right for mocking chromedomes, I suppose ^_^

6) I was something of a loner when I was younger... I've always lived 30 minutes or more away from most of my friends. And you know I'm anal. These facts came together once when I was a kid... when I played an 8-player game of Life...with myself. I won!...and lost.

7) I'll end with the most obvious one. I have never taken any non-prescribed drugs or drank a sip of alcohol(to my knowledge). I took Ritalin as a kid, a LOT of Ritalin, but gave it up as I started college. I'm clean, baby!

And now, I tag vlyandra, redstar918, wolfbrothersong, dragonattack, deskitty, mooglepower and tigerkakke. Make 'em good, guys(and gal)!


P.S. Can anyone beat darkone238 at this? I suppose it is kinda his forte... Well, Dark, I have a new one for you. Name it!